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Hi Robyn and Rob!

Walter the Wizard a is resource designed for early years learning which combines animation with illustrations, reading, interactive exercises and a complete phonics workbook.

From literacy to numeracy and covering a whole range of vital learning skills such as dangers in the home, healthy eating, and where to go to for help in an emergency. The Walter the Wizard learning resource is a fantastic vehicle to guide youngsters through a path of education that is both entertaining as well as engaging.

You will be able to follow Walter and his three friends, Spider, Fly and Worm as they explore their world building friendships, and trying to understand each other’s needs and problems.

Fundraising for your School or Organisation


We know that fundraising is always a challenge and even more so in these current times. There's the stress of thinking of new ideas and how to create them, not to mention how to get people there on the day. So if you are considering a fundraising event for your school or organisation, we have even included a step by step guide on how to arrange your own Walter the Wizard Garden Party, complete with instructions and affordable ideas to ensure your day is successful.

Teacher Central brings you a whole new world of colour, animation, printable resources and practical applications with Walter the Wizard which can be tailored to your individual needs to ensure that each activity is as compelling as it is educational.

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Walterphonics 480 x 270.png

A complete A-Z phonics workbook. Phonics is now an internationally recognised way to help young children learn about the sounds of the alphabet. A printable workbook that will compliment all literacy activities.

Dangers in the Home

Colouring book 480 x 270.png

It is a sad fact that thousands of accidents happen every year to children in the safety of their homes. Teach them about everyday items in the home that they seem safe, but they need to be careful with.

Worm's Healthy Eating Diary

Worms healthy eating 480 x 270.png

Diet and nutrition is the hot topic everywhere. The importance of a healthy diet is undisputed, but in Worm's Weekly Eating Diary we can teach youngsters what foods are good for them, and what to avoid.

A Walter the Wizard Garden Party

walter garden party.jpg 480 x 270.png

Organising a fundraising event for your school or even a party at home can be stressful and fraught with difficulty, so we put on a garden party like no other to help demonstrate what you can do to raise funds with a step by step guide on how to create a fun day for the kids with some great cost saving ideas.

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