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Northern Pen is a multimedia production house that brings together all aspects of multimedia to produce engaging educational resources, promotional materials, workshops and seminars.

We have three major focuses with our business:


  • To help businesses promote their own products and services to a much wider audience.

  • To engage with and support learners in developing their media skills to a higher standard.

  • To produce educational resources that help learners develop their skills and awareness.

“Northern Pen mentored students giving an industry insight and professionalism that enhanced all their learning processes. An invaluable contribution to the course. “

Sunderland University 

” A professional and reliable company that produced a promotional video that is already creating extra revenue and interest for us.” 

Style Profiles

“They listened to our needs and understood exactly what was required, an excellent service.”

Dock End Engineering

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Our Aims

Although the core of our business is the production of our own multimedia resources, we are also able to offer these same skills to other businesses to increase your profile and ensure a marketing presence is available to all small businesses.

Our Community

We have been providing production services for over twenty years and picked up some awards along the way. If there is anything you feel we might be able to help you with, don't be afraid to get in contact. The longest journey begins with the smallest of steps.

Our Services

  • Tailored Video Production

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Website Design

  • Development Workshops

  • Educational Resources

  • Engaging Seminars

  • Book Publishing

Tailored Video production 

Many people like to talk about what they want to do, or what they want to create, but at Northern Pen we believe in making it happen. We have over twenty years experience in the education and video production sector and are winners of a Royal Television Society Award.

We have marketed and published books for over ten years and provide engaging workshops and seminars throughout the UK for students and professionals.


From Seminars to workshops, multimedia games to dramatic video production. Northern Pen has produced some of the best-known educational resources for self-development and learning. We have represented some of the best-selling international texts in education and worked with students from Universities and colleges to help develop their skills.

Well established and highly recommended

We may be small, but we are perfectly formed and proud of our twenty-year history of punching above our weight, often going where others fear to tread. We have a commercial eye for your needs and are able to develop your ideas and present them to a much wider market. So whether releasing a product, promoting a concept or developing an idea, why not talk to us and see what we can contribute to taking your vision further and introducing it to a much wider audience.

But don't just believe what we have to say...

“Northern Pen developed our ideas working with us every step of the way. We are happy to recommend them.”

Jeff Wynn Design Flooring

It's about the future of our industry. Maybe, just maybe, this is the future"

Tomorrow's Flooring

  “…an excellent resource and well received, accurate, teaching notes are excellent and comprehensive”

States of Guernsey Education Council

“This is unique and worth buying for the text alone. I highly recommend this text.”

University of The Pacific

“…an excellent way of getting the message across to young people…”

World Health Organization

"A breakthrough product in the design vinyl flooring industry"


David Bigland, M.D. Moduleo

“…an enhancement to any practitioner’s bookshelf.”


University of Michigan

“I fully support this for use in schools for the education of the young.”

Head of School Governors

“A short video that will blast through everyone’s hang ups and really get the class going.”

The Guardian

“An in your face experience pressing home a clear message”

The Times

“…an enhancement to any practitioner’s bookshelf.”

University of Michigan

” Original and humorous and full of factual information.”

York Health Authority

“..thought provoking and disturbing, with considerable potential as an educational tool.”


Cleveland Social Services

“They listened to our needs and understood exactly what was required, an excellent service.”

Dock End Engineering

"If you are looking for the perfect finish to a design vinyl floor, the Clear Bar is your only solution."

Andy Howes, Managing Director Headlam

” …an inspirational journey…”

YOGA Magazine

“This is a truly excellent book.”

University of Birmingham

“Superb images and photographs.”

Indiana University

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