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With the history of Northern Pen firmly rooted in education, we have a mass of resources that stretch across the curriculum. We have always approached subjects without fear, no matter what the issue, whilst trying to balance this approach with sensitivity making some of our resources the most acclaimed in the UK.

It’s very easy sometimes to become engrossed in the entertaining side of education and forget that there are harrowing stories that have formed the lives of others. With every project comes a message, we are so proud to be involved ins sharing the message of other's and their own personal journies.

Our educational resources cover many subjects ensuring that our skills have been stretched. We focus on documentary in a very sensitive way as within this genre the message is usually more important than the subject. We engage with people who have a message to compels an audience to make this world a better place.

Our educational messages form the spine of Northern Pen started. We have never been shy of hitting home a message that will help develop positive change or shift perspective on a subject. From binge drinking in teenagers to spiritual development in adults, our publications are acclaimed and cover a range of topics and issues.

This year our animation department leapt into full throttle as we release the magical world of Walter the Wizard. This beautifully produced cartoon and educational resource covers not only the fundamental subjects of sharing, understanding life and caring for others but also comes fully loaded with games and Phonics.

The music video L’amour Lament received a Royal Television Society Award reaffirming whatever your requirements and whatever genre, we treat each project with the same professionalism and care it deserves and maximise your budget to its full potential.

With our PSHE Achievement Awards we actively encourage students from schools, colleges and universities to be involved with creatively expressing their views and opinions. We also support young people in all fields of media and mentor students through University projects in order that they can develop their skills and hone their talents from video production to multimedia technology development.

Not everything is unplanned and in the heat of the moment, young people also have the ability to be mature and prepare. But as in all walks of life no matter what the preparation, we can never factor in every event- so what happens when it all goes wrong? Here we develop an understanding in the value of love, trust and taking responsibility for each other’s feelings and actions.

If you are a business that has a product to promote or you want to increase your profile, then Northern Pen can take a product or service and create your advert from script to the finished presentation. We will tailor make it to your requirements ensuring your message is heard loud and clear. Within our team, we have acclaimed writers and award-winning directors to ensure a great result.

'We're here to develop your ideas and make them happen offering a range of multimedia solutions, so why not get in touch?

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