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Bravura Shots

A bravura shot in film is described as a shot that demonstrates impressive technical expertise. It is these types of shots that separate filmmakers from the past and present into their niches of excellence. 

In regard to your Degree, it is also these types of shot that influence your grade both from a research point of view and application.

An example of a bravura shot is the 'one shot' where the camera sweeps through a scene without any edits to provide the audience with a landscape of visual information and story development.

Observe the following examples of the 'one shot' both in film history and in student films and then apply considerations for your own filmmaking development.

Touch of Evil 1958

Directed by Orson Welles

Goodfellows 1990

Directed by Martin Scorsese

History of the Student One Shot

Over the years, students have attempted the one shot with varying levels of success but all have benefitted by improving their grades with the successful application of this technical challenge along with the choreography required.

Compare the following student 'one-shots' both in their finished stages and rehearsal stages and consider whether this can be applied as a storytelling tool in your own films.

Alice 2017

Directed by Brad Sampson

Muse 2019

Directed by Oscar Fitchett

Cafe A'mour 2021

Directed by Leo Bradley

Pretty Little Fears 2022

Directed by Rory Norton


Provide a 350-word assessment of your understanding of bravura shots and reference films and directors that have utilised this skillful approach.


Provide at least 3 independent sources within your assignment and Harvard reference them appropriately.


Deadline: Friday 23rd February: 12.00 Midday

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